Rent-to-Own Program

Our lease program (rent to own) has a five-month minimum with all money applying to the purchase. The average pay off time is around 2 years. After 5 months the instrument can be returned and the deposit will be returned. Normal maintenance is free for 2 years. These are new instruments that have been qualified by our repair department. A deposit of $40 to $100 is taken at the beginning and returned in full when the instrument is returned in good shape.
  • All rent goes towards purchase of instrument
  • 20% discount for early payment
  • Option to return the instrument after 5 months, no penalty
  • Warranty - 2 year normal wear and tear


Rent-to-Own Pricing

You must rent used instruments for a minimum of 3 month and lease new instruments for a minimum of 5 months. A refundable deposit is required, and is returned upon the receipt of the instrument in good condition. West Valley Music will buy back new instruments within 1 year of purchase date for half of purchase amount.
Instrument Lease* (does not include tax)
Flute Gemeinhardt - $680.00 @ $35.00/Month
Yamaha - $950.00 @ 35.00/Month
Clarinet Yamaha - $869.00 @ $35.00/Month
Alto Sax Yamaha - $1,995.00@ $50.00/Month
Unison- $1,300.00 @ 50.00/Month
Tenor Sax Yamaha - $2,300.00 @ $75.00/Month
Yamaha - $1,195.00 @ $35.00/Month
Getzen - $1195.00 @ $35.00/Month
Besson - $895.00 @ $35.00/Month
Trombone Yamaha - $995.00 @ $35.00/Month
Getzen - $995.00 @ $35.00/Month
*2 year warranty for all normal wear and tear.