Powell Sonare

Sonare 501
 Verne Q. Powell flutes have long be known for professional flutes. In 2002, they created a flute revolution by introducing the Sonare brand; combining a professional Powell Solid Silver headjoint with a good intermediate body. Today, the new Powell Sonare flutes have gone even further! Now, not only the headjoint but also the body tubes are made by Powell in the USA. The keywork is made in Asia and the final assembly is performed in the USA. Featuring the new 2nd Generation Signature Series Headjoint, the Powell Sonare 501 Series flutes will impress the most discerning flautists and help provide younger players with true professional performance at an intermediate price!

Sonare 601
The Powell Sonare 601 series is the most affordable Solid Silver flute in the Sonare lineup. The Sonare 601 features the sterling headjoint and is combined with a Solid Silver body tube (made by Powell in the USA). The keywork utilizes standard “Y-Arm” construction (though it is available with pointed arms as the model 705) and open holes.

Sonare 705
 The Powell Sonare 705 offers all the benefits of Powell craftsmanship on an affordable professional Flute!  It features a sterling silver Powell Signature handmade headjoint, a sterling silver body, and a silverplated mechanism with upgraded pointed key arms.
  • Sterling silver Powell Signature headjoint
  • Sterling silver body
  • Silverplated mechanism
  • .016" tubing
  • Open Hole (French)
  • Low B footjoint
  • Pointed key arms
  • Powell scale A=442

The Powell Signature series flute is crafted entirely of sterling silver and is an excellent entry to a professional flute. By using innovative technology Powell has produced a high quality instrument that retains the Powell sound. Each flute is accompanied by a hand-cut Signature headjoint. The Powell Signature headjoint is designed to be easy to play, while while being colorful, focused, and flexible. These headjoints are hand-cut by professionally trained flautists who also craft Powell's custom headjoints.