Sankyo 201
This most popular of the SANKYO flutes, is designed with the advanced Student in mind. The head joint is of sterling in keeping with SANKYO's dedication to enable every flutist to produce a beautiful tone. With its Precise balanced construction, the Sankyo is capable of the professional sound of all silver flutes.

Sankyo 301
CF301 in design and construction, the CF301 is patterned after the CF401 model. And is capable of the same clarity and beauty of sound at a more economical price due to the silver clad keys and mechanism.

Sankyo 401
This well-known sterling silver model is representative of SANKYO's flutes and is chosen by many flutists around the world. Its accurate scale and ravishingly beautiful sound are products of its superior construction. An all silver (925 Ag) instrument made entirely of sterling with Silver Plating finished.