Price: $8024.99
 This Custom Geyer-style horn delivers exceptional clarity and deep, rich resonance.
A new gold brass leadpipe design contributes to consistent tone and playing feel throughout the instrument’s range. The inner tubes of all slides are made of gold brass to enhance the horn’s tonal clarity and depth, and the main tuning slide also has a rounded shape that provides ideal resistance for this class of instrument. The valve casing is made of Nickel silver for improved response and durability. A hollow rotor makes notable contributions to response and tone, and the adjustable 4th valve trigger and pinky hook can be positioned for the player's comfort. The Bb 2nd valve slide features a long pull ring for added convenience to the player, and engraved brass valve caps enhance response, providing cleaner articulation and a well-defined core.
Bore: 0.476” Bell Throat: Medium
Bell Diameter: 12 1/8”